First set-up

(Creighton Varney) #1

Very pleased to be involved in the beta testing.Initial updating was very glitchy, it crashed several times which almost made me restart the machine. Repeatedly opening the application up it finally completed and loaded. The Powertap and HRM were found quickly, it also found all the other sensors in the room and it was very simple to pair to the correct device. Quick ride and so far nice experience. I think the speeds are optimistic (Kurt RR) for the given power output but I was easily dragged into the competitive element. A few ‘achievements’ were unlocked, as yet, I don’t fully understand what they relate to. I look forward to some more hours.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2

Regarding the speed being optimistic, have you set your weight via the web dashboard? If not, you’ve been defaulted to 75kg and if that’s less than your real-world weight Zwift would indeed calculated higher speeds than you’d see for a given power/grade on a real ride.