First ride ! love the strava implementation but map does nt show :/

I have friends who upload zwift workouts to strava (thats how I got to know about zwift) and we can see the island map of their workouts and all the segments.

I just did my first ever zwift ride today , uploaded the .fit file to my strava activities but the map does nt show, did i do something wrong or its a bug?

Here’s the link for those interested:

It looks like you have this ride labeled as a workout in Strava. On the activity page, click on the pencil on the left side, and make sure to uncheck “Stationary Trainer”, or anything that seems related to an indoor workout. Also, make sure that the activity is labeled as a ride, and not a run or something else like that.

Ah awesome ! that was the issue indeed, I did as you said and now I see the map :smiley: