First Ride Impressions, Basic Questions

First ride was flawless and awesome. Much better than I expected.
I have some basic questions that I hope someone can help me with.

  1. Once I launch the program from the desktop icon, how do I get back to the setup screen?
  2. Once I’ve saved a ride, how do I retrieve the information to compare to previous rides?
  3. Is there only a night time mode? Or is there a place I can set a preference for day/night.
  4. What is the difference between a ghost or uniformed rider who I interact with on the screen?
    If there is a user manual where I can find this type of information, please let me know.
  1. The setup screen is just to handle updates, and doesn’t offer interactivity so there’s not usually a need to go back to it.
  1. Ride is in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder, and very soon it’ll all be available on and strava

  2. The time of day changes constantly, and a full day/night cycle takes about 1 hour.

  3. Ghosts are computer controlled riders, and everybody else are actual humans riding in the world with you.

No manual, as we’re trying to design the game to be self explanatory. When people ask questions, it lets us know what is obvious and what isn’t.

Thanks for the feedback.

If the “setup” screen you are referring to is the “Customizations” screen you get to it by hitting “T”.

If you dig around the forums you’ll find a number of keyboard shortcuts…you can also just experiment by hitting different keys to see what happens.

U - toggles metric/imperial
ESC - brings up save/discard ESC again will resume
1-9 different views
F1-F9 - gestures and voice phrases

There are a few others…