Simple (VERY new user type) Questions

(David Lee) #1

I just downloaded ZWIFT, installed it, and paired my devices (HRM and Garmin Vector on a spin bike). Went quite smoothly, thank you very much!

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I need to change my height and weight (I assume that at least the weight, in my configuration, will affect climbs/descents). I set it up on install but must have mistyped or something. Where do I go to do this.

  2. Is the Strava 2 months free thing going yet? I am a premium Strava member. 

  3. The ZWIFT thing seems to have a very social focus so having riders on the course at all times is critical (I would think). And that probably gates the # of courses. Are there near term plans for  more than two or is this simply a function of the activity level on ZWIFT? From my (non-social) perspective, that is one ‘deficiency’ that stands out to me.

  4. Are the ghost riders controllable in any way? I would like to be able to control the performance of who I am chasing and this seems a natural. 

FWIW, my initial reaction to ZWIFT (haven’t even done a real ride yet) is pretty positive. 



(David Lee) #2

Found the answer to #1 at


ps. Click the little pencil icon underneath your name from the PAUSE screen. 


(Scott) #3

Hi David - hope you’re enjoying the ride. As you’ve found out, the answer to 2) is…

You’ll activate your two Free Strava Premium bonus months by riding through the first 50KM Free Trial. The free months will be applied towards your membership and your account will not be charged.

  1. The DIT (Department of Island Transportation) is hard at work. Look out for construction signs :wink:

  2. The ghost riders aren’t controllable yet. We’ve got some plans for them. Stay tuned and Ride On.

(David Lee) #4

Scott, thanks for the responses.


ps. I would mark this ANSWERED, but the button won’t work for me.