First parlee speed ride didn't record

Registered for the Parlee speed yesterday before selecting and riding but it didn’t record that ride. Today’s ride recorded today’s but not showing anything for the previous.

I had the same issue, my first ride was not recorded. Today have seen that my >60km ride yesterday was not recorded too, that pretty annoying.

Same Issue here. I ride last three days ca 166km, the are 48km registered…

Same situation rides not being recorded on the speed mission but recorded in totals elsewhere.

Once again no KM credited on speed mission 163Km registered this week, only 97km registered on speed mission.

Member since 2016 getting to the point of looking at alternative systems.

My rides today did not seem to register with the challenge but my rides last weekend did. Maybe getting your ride to register is part of the challenge?
Hopefully it is just the number of users and it will update later.
I had similar problems with the MTB challenge (Scott/Cape Epic) and they updated it manually after I contacted support. Not sure I will make the effort with contacting support on this Parlee bike as zwift garage is running low on storage space.



Just to update as expected no reply about lost km. I find the excuse that they are over busy as they now have many more riders due to the pandemic in rather bad taste. More riders more income they should be trying to better the service not worsen it.

For information for those riding with Apple TV reset your ATV box before every ride and for safety reduce your ride length lower hence save more frequently to keep the lost KM to a minimum.

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