First Event on Zwift - disappointment

Joined my first event on Zwift tonight - a 5k Pride On run.

I get to the start, off everyone else goes - my avatar will NOT MOVE.
I log out and back in again, and try to re-join the event but I get dropped further up the course, so I end up running an extra half a kilometre, and what was supposed to be Class D group run was made up of most people thrashing through it at high-speed.

Next time has got to be better.

Yeh I noticed folk running far too fast for category all the time, it really effects the confidence of D or E runners in event.

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It’s an obvious thing to say - but when I tune into the chat during group cycle races when I’m running - there’s a lot of communication between the group - telling individuals to slow down (or speed up) - the chat makes it a team event.

You cannot run and type and it’s dangerous to try and do so.

I’m not sure what the answer is. It’s a shame that the Pride On 5k are short enough that competent runners can thrash through them with no consideration for what the Pride runs are about, and no consideration for the other runners.

Yeh, always a few folk to spoil it…you can use the microphone tab above the keyboard on compainion app and speak instead of typing…still have to press send but it’s an option.