Finished ride in Tour of Watopia but didn’t get Credit

Maybe I have done something incorrectly but today after finishing stage 3 C it said I had the finishing flag on my grid. I went through the finish flag thing but did not receive credit for the ride. How can I fix this or do I have to try again.


The ride you did doesn’t look anything like stage 3C of ToW. The route for 3C included the Volcano Climb, which is not in your activity. I see that your ‘photo’ shows ToW, and your activity name includes that, but it doesn’t look like you were on the route at all. Very strange.


Looks like …


Are you using z-power? Did you join late?

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Yeah I think that is definitely it. Disappointing for me as a new user. I don’t know that routes well. Oh well looks like I will retry. Also, I was 1.5 mins late to start.

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Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t really know what to expect. Any ideas why it could have done this?

It’s fairly rare so x fingers you don’t get hit with it again anytime soon. I used to always run late for non-race events until this became a bug!


Even though you were off route, were you still getting the double XP?
When your event ended, did you go under an arch or did it end after the designated distance?

This happened to me too on Friday evening. On was on stage 3 volcano climb. Is there anyway to credit this ride on the tour of Watopia please?

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Nick, if you contact the support team they may be able to credit the activity for you if you completed the route.

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