Finish time 15 longer than actual ride in etape du Tour race

I’ve just finished the L’Etape race and my elapsed time was under an hour yet the race time says 1 hr 15 mins … Strava says moving time of 1hr dead??? Any ideas I didn’t stop and started at 8am uk time finish at 9am


Can you screenshot the sources you’re looking at and drop them in your response? It would help us figure out what the discrepancy is.

I would send screen shots but when I press the photo icon below to add a photo from my iPhone library I get the Zwift app blue start screen - froZen

I’ve restarted my iPhone 7plus running iOS 13.5.1 and I still can’t add photos… problem with Zwift app me thinks?

I think Zwift has captured my warm up at the start line too?? That’s why it’s 1hr 15 rather than 57mins ?

What I was after are the sources of the ride distance: Are you comparing the distances in Zwift Companion vs. the website vs Strava? It’s not clear in your first post.

If you’re looking at the Activity History of Zwift Companion, please take a snap of your iPhone screen like this.

Once you have that snap saved to your iPhone, attach them to your reply by selecting the photo icon highlighted in grey.
Image 002

Perhaps these emails will help

[private info redacted]


Those images are what I’m after, thanks.
As you guessed, Zwift records the time you spent in the pen.

The Zwift screenshot you attached is just moments after you crossed the finish arch. If you continued along on a cooldown, the extra time & distance will also count.

The total distance that was saved to our server is going to be shown on your Activity history on What does the session show for time & distance on

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Ok so in my Zwift.commit says 1hr and 1min … why so many variants surely all I need is the race time -

The time that saved to matches what’s on Strava just rounded up to the nearest full second, is that correct?

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My data show that Strava and display the same time (to the nearest second). This appears to be from the event start time until you stop your ride and save it.

In my case, it is longer than the start-to-banner “race” time because I rode for about 5 minutes at the end to warm down.

However, my time on the Zwift companion app is even longer again because it appears to include time spent in the start pens and possibly even time spent in my garage before that.

I have the same complaint too. Surely if you are doing an event you want the event time not the cool down time. This is really frustrating when trying to compare times with friends.

That is correct; Companion app does include time in Pens; unlike activity on

I recommend using zwiftpower for event times. Downside is a lot of riders aren’t on ZP, so placing will be off.

I think issue is zwift companion treats races one way, “rides” another. L’Etape stages were rides. But I could be wrong.