Fences and the Zap - How to details for ride leaders?

I’d like to be wiser on this before I lose 1/2 the ride members:

Is there anywhere for ride leaders to know “exactly” what to look for when using the “Zapping Fence”?

  • How to switch it on and off
  • If I activate the fence and then dectivate it does the countdown restart?
  • If it’s activated what is the maximum time allowed infront
  • What’s written on screen for the perpetrators
  • Where do they get sent?
  • You will get this option as leader:
  • Yes you can turn it off and on - leaders use it for sprints/end of ride mini-race etc
  • 60secs which is plenty as the warning pops up as soon as they go through fence
  • riders get countdown & warning to “return to group”. When the countdown hits 0, they are kicked
  • they are kicked from the event. They are riding in the same spot on the same map, just not in the event. They can re-join if late-join still active

Here’s a thread on an SZR test event recently. Have a nosey at the Paul’s vid a few posts down


When the fence was originally introduced on one occasion due to a certain need i forgot to turn the fence off at the 100km comfort break :see_no_evil:, booted half the group.



Thank you that’s incredibly helpful…


Paul, that’s exactly what I was worried of… LOL!

You do need to focus :rofl:


It went well… 3 got fired from the canon and then everyone else relaxed and sat back with the beacon. I actually only needed to use it sparingly after a couple of sprints rather than the entire ride.

After this my first lead with the “Bug Zapper”…I’m giving it a thumbs up.

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