Feedback on perspective view 7 and 5 problems.

View 7:
I was riding up the hill out of town with view set to 7. The camera started to trail behind and dipped below road level, showing a green layer underneath. Then the camera drifted to the left off to the side of the road as the road bent to the left and the camera fell behind as I rode out of view. I continued riding to see if the camera would catch up but it started tracking to the right across the road to the other side slowly and I couldn’t see myself anymore. I had to hit one of the other view keys to get the camera to show my avatar.

View 5:
I noticed while watching in view 5 that several riders saddle’s were see through when they stood up. You could see the outline of the saddle in black and the body of the saddle was transparent when they stood up.

I’m using the Mac Beta on a Mac Mini: 2.5 GHz i5, 4GB DDR3, Mac OS X 10.9.5
The app runs really smoothly, setup was super easy and I’ve had no crashes.

Camera 7 continues to have several bugs. There are a number of places within Watopia and London where the camera switches to a fixed location that will pan about 180 degrees but it’s placed behind an object like a tree or boulder. You wind up seeing pretty much nothing as the camera pans from anywhere between 3 to 15 seconds or so, depending on the location of the particular camera. Seems like an easy fix but it’s been like this for weeks.

Also curious if anyone at Zwift ever looks at these old posts or if I should have just made a new one.