Camera 7 give you an intersting tour of the island & first impressions

Hi all,

First week using Zwift. I have to say I am impressed. I have noticed a few of the things others have brought up so I won’t expound on them too much. But I’ll list them…

It looked like a rider ahead of me was drafting an AI rider. From my view it looked like he was circling the AI rider and popping wheelies. Impressive riding!

I was having power drop outs on my Kickr and the “molasses” issue after it would come back on. I got a USB extension cable for the ANT+ stick and I have not had a drop out since.

Having Zwift available has derailed my scheduled training a bit as it’s been more fun to hop on Zwift than to stick to my regular program. Anything you can do about that?

Interestingly, and something I hadn’t seen mentioned yet (perhaps I missed it?) I hit the “7” to change to that camera angle. I think that’s kind of the low fly by shot. For snickers I left it on and it started to drift off me and I got a really cool tour of the island. Including climbing up the snow capped mountain and then it appeared like I was skiing down it. Kind of cool. However, I’m wondering if that camera angle might do better if it recycled back to the rider to keep giving fly by shots of the rider.

Awesome job on this guys. I really look forward to when this becomes fully functional with more courses.

If you want to see another perspective of the island press 8 and then 0

Sorry John! We’ll try and make Zwift less fun so you can stick to your regular program :wink:

RE: camera angles - yeah, and the helicopter view zooms out forever unfortunately. We haven’t had much time to work on those yet.