Feed from Zwift to Garmin 820

(Clyde Vandivort STL) #1

 Is there a way to have Zwift power & speed readings etc fed to a Garmin 820 during ride?

I use Zwift on a Wahoo Kickr 2, can it feed to Garmin 820?

(Paul Allen) #2

You can connect your Kickr to your 820 and see your power numbers, but you cannot connect Zwift to your 820 to see your speed.

What are you trying to accomplish? 

(Clyde Vandivort STL) #3

Both would be great but the power numbers is really what I am after?


(Clyde Vandivort STL) #4

I have tried treating Zwift as a Power sensor on the 820 but it never finds it.  Can you provide me with some direction on how to set up.  Thanks

(Paul Allen) #5

Connect your trainer (Kickr) to the Garmin 820 and to Zwift (if you are using Ant+ which I am guessing you are), Zwift does not broadcast anything it just receives data from trainer.

(Paul Allen) #6

Are you trying to get the Zwift data to Garmin Connect? If so you can just upload the .fit file manually if that is the case.

(Tyler Shannon) #7

Hi Clyde, 


You can not get Zwift power readings onto your Garmin. However, as Paul said, you can always manually upload your fit file to Garmin Connect, if that’s what you’re after.