FEATURE REQUEST - Route Difficulty Categorization

Hey Zwift!

I do appreciate being able to sort routes by distance or elevation gain (in addition to alphabetically).

However, there are some routes that trade off distance for elevation and vice versa. (e.g. Ven-Top is 21km but a whopping 1539m of climbing)

I’ve love to see some type of “Total Route Difficulty” categorization - a “star rating” if you will, in the route selection screen in-game.

Zwift Insider already did something similar when Monica completed the “Couch to Hero,” finishing every route in 90 days, routes categorized using a 1 through 5+ bidon rating.

Adding to the discussion: What’s the calculus on how an amount of climbing equates to a distance? (eg: adding 500m of climbing is equivalent to doing, say 30km of flat riding) If there were some simple math for that, it’d be easy to add a rating for any new route.

Zwift introduce a new difficulty rating in the new home screen which is slowly bring rolled out.
You can see the difficulty rating in the route list at ZwiftHacks and also sort by climb (in m/km).