New metric for training info

I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts for another potential interesting metric zwift could offer. It would be feet climbed per mile riden. This would allow people to tailor their training on zwift to actual races they have coming up. For example if I am doing Ironman Boulder it is 112 miles with an altitude gain of (roughly) 4800 feet. (4800 divided by 112 equals 42.85 feet per mile riden.) I would then want to find a ride on zwift comparable to this amount of climbing to simulate my upcoming race. This would also serve as a metric for people to use as bragging rights and also to compare rides with each other.

Can’t see Zwift doing anything like this anytime soon. Your best bet would be to head over to and check out the courses and routes. It lists distances and elevation gain. You could then work out your own routes.