Family and Child Plan Request

Perhaps the free child accounts are a new thing?

I have my account, and my ten-year-old son has his free account: which he has yet to use, as we’re still waiting for his sensor set to come in the mail.

But, we just signed up last week. Maybe longer term members aren’t aware this is now possible?

No it is not.

This is from 2016:

It has changed a bit over the years but it has been active since 2016.

The email I received indicated that my son’s account would be free until he turns 16, so that is one thing that has changed (in a beneficial way) from the original policy.

If he wants me to pay for a subscription for him once he turns 16, I will for as long as he uses it. Get them hooked on cycling so they can’t afford drugs, right? :wink:

The free account for him was set up within minutes of me submitting the form. I expected it to take a couple of days. It was very quick and easy.

For anyone who is curious, the Free Kids Accounts are easy to set up. Contact our support team, making it very clear that you are talking about a child’s account, and we will get it to our team that oversees those interactions. Thank you all for your input on other forms of Family Plans!


Yes, im for it too. Even thogh i think kids should be encouraged to play outside

Planning for my wife and my kid. Please make tier packages for family plans.

Kids 16 and under are free.

Same here. My wife loves Zwift, I am wanting to use it but no way am I paying for two full subscriptions. Would gladly pay as much as 50 pct for a second though.

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Definitely need a family option - you want more money zwift? Give us a deal :slight_smile:


Wow, as a relatively ‘new zwifter’, it is very concerning to see that a year later, $wift is not really responding to family plan pricing options, or something reasonable to accommodate that? My wife and I don’t even have kids and I get it, I support everyone here requesting zwift to take action on a family plan, family budgets w/ kids can be very tight!
My wife rides as well and once she saw the price ($30 USD for us both) she immediately said “no way”…way to go zwift…you lost that customer that I brought you. It’s not unreasonable to to ask zwift to have a two adult family to pay $22 as a family discount. Or $32 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids under 16…)
These are not easy business calls but, its certainly an easy uptick in revenue for zwift and, its easy to see zwifts po$ition on this, a true lack of engagement.
Be interesting to see what they do over the next year (by Aug 2020). Afterall, riding outdoors is still free…and I’d rather use my $180 a year zwift fees towards bike maintenance, ride event fees, or bike trips!

Kids are free,