Fail to log in,why?

:rage:on both the computer & iPad,but I can log in the website :anger:

Make sure there is no spaces before or after your user name, also don’t use TAB to go from username to password.

I faced this problem too. Unable to login since yesterday. Both on my phone & also my laptop (windows 10)

Do you have any solution for it?

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I get exactly the same problem. Zwift please advise or fix asap!

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I approached them on twitter yesterday. This was their response

I ve tried but the result was still same :sweat:

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Until yesterday and today, it had been two weeks since I have been on zwift (worked fine then), so I can’t be sure, but appears related to latest update?

Just did right click on Zwift icon on desktop and clicked on ‘troubleshoot compatibility’. Seemed to fix the problem (also said ‘yes’ to garmin express being disabled for Ant+ connection)!

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…check ‘recommended settings’, then ‘test program’ when following troubleshooter compatibility recommendations…I had to repeat the troubleshooter compatibility (twice) and then login on that weird login page again (only it accepted my password after that)…hope that helps! …

I having the same issue neither… and its already few days… very frustrated.

I even did the right click on Zwift icon on desktop and clicked on ‘troubleshoot compatibility’ but seems doesn’t work.

Zwift support team please help. Thanks

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the same,10 times try 10 times fail with VPN :sob:

i’m very sure,Gerrie, but it still doesnt work.

I asked same in this thread: ZWIFT SE ASia
ZWIFT says ISP issue and use a VPN then crickets Not really helpful I feel as a new user. VPN worked for me BTW but that’s not a fix it is a workaround.

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Please try purging the cache of Internet Explorer. I can play now, but I’m not sure. You can have a try.

Unable to login with correct credentials the IE problem maybe, you can have a try