Extend radius for friends in map (Zwift Mobile Link)

If I’ve “accidentally” dropped my friends during a group ride, they disappear from the Mobile Link app, and I can’t find them anymore.  Three things that would help with this:

  1. Add an “All Friends” tab to the “Zwifters Nearby” page (or just make it always show all friends on the “Zwifters you Follow” tab)
  2. Add all friends to the map regardless of how far away they are
  3. Add an option to filter the map view “Friends Only” (much like how zwiftgps works).

In ZwiftMap it works perfectly. It should be “in the game”, either :slight_smile:

And how about putting an arrow over the Friends in the game. When on a group ride w are wearing the same jerseys so it’s difficult to identify the Friends - unless they have an unusual haircut :slight_smile:

Been wondering how the friends tracking works.  I’ll be riding with friends and have them sporadically disappear from either the ZML map or ATV map.  

Do we have to be on the same “route” ?  

I wish it would work like it does on zwiftgps.  I’d like to be able to find friends on map no matter what so I can coordinate riding with them.