Expanding Voice to Text box when texting in Companion App

I have a suggestion to GREATLY improve the voice to text experience in the Companion App when communicating with others while Zwifting.

Currently you only get a window box that displays one line when using voice to text in Companion app in IOS, (and I presume the same happens in Android). This means you cannot see what voice to text has written much of the time because it doesn’t fit into the box, and as most of you will know, voice to text can really mangle what you have said at times.

This can lead to all sorts of problems including text changing the meaning completely or at times you saying the opposite of what you meant, or at other times some very embarrassing things. For example one day I was talking about having a big cog on the back and voice to text said I had a big ■■■■!!! I didn’t see it until after it was sent as the sentence didn’t fit inside the one line window we get now. Sometimes you end up sending complete gibberish.

Please please please make that window expand with your text so we can see what we are sending BEFORE you send it, not after.

Surely this would be a simple thing to do? When you text in the normal IOS text app Messages, and use voice to text, the window expands to fit whatever you say.