Events weighted for age

In other sports (weightlifting for example) events and awards are based on age of the participant. As a 50+ cyclist w/ bionic hips will there ever be an option to show results based on age not just overall time when participating w/ lots of other cyclists that are decades younger?

There are some events with results sorted by age group (eg, “Masters SA” and “FZR Masters”). As a 50+ cyclist I don’t enter those events because there are extremely fit riders in our age group, and I prefer racing the youngsters who have similar power to me. Those events also are also not very popular so I’m more likely to be racing alone with some super-humans gone far up the road. By all means give it a try and see what you think.

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EDIT: I checked again on field sizes for those two masters events I mentioned and they’re not that bad. You might enjoy them.

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Thank you for this info. I wasn’t aware of the older age related events (Zwifting since Dec 2023).

I just started cycling in group rides for my level and gender but seem to became the last in line. I thought I wasn’t in the right group. The other cyclists are typically decades younger and probably don’t have bi lateral hip replacements either.

Perhaps I’ll forgo those group rides and search for larger/mixed gender groups. I’m not seeing many 50+ females in the group I joined.

Do you know if there is an exclusive age group with 50+ female cyclists?

Thank you again for your help.

am guessing that age category might be very limited

It definitely is in real life. :melting_face:

Here’s one I recently heard about.

Gear up for an OWL-some adventure with Team OWL! We’re an exceptional team of extraordinary women age 55+ who shatter societal norms. Master (55-59) and Grand Master (60+) fearless athletes, affectionately known as OWLs – Older Women in Lycra – defy expectations and embrace the thrilling world of eSports racing. Team OWL proudly holds the distinction of being the first all-women UCI 60+ eSports cycling team racing in Team Time Trial (TTT) competitions, showcasing the strength and determination of eight audacious women. To join the OWL-some adventure, find us online at OWL.Bike.


There are also some clubs that while not necessarily women only or over 50 exclusive, have decent populations of women over 50. Some also have women over 50 who lead and sweep some of their rides.

These are just a few:

You can use Zwift Hacks to find group rides sponsored by these clubs.

*Full disclosure, I ride for BMTR on a women’s only C team for ZRL; 6 of the 11 of us are over 50 and two of our strongest riders are over 60. So there’s definitely folks out there riding as well as racing.

Feel free to DM me if you are interested in more info.


Edit: P.S. For an overview on women-only racing abd cycling on Zwift. You can visit:

These two are not age-group restricted, but a couple series you might be interested in if your power puts you near the bottom of a category are TFC Mad Monday which splits each category in two parts, so if you are in D category you would not race the strongest people in D, and the Fearless Beginners womens race series on Sundays. My wife did that one recently as her first race, finished mid-pack in D doing 110W for 20 minutes (50kg). C and D started together so she didn’t see the front of the race after a few seconds, but she had a few other riders around her the whole way so there was still a fight to be had. There were 22 starters in D and a handful in C.


Thank you so much for this info. I am <55 but will definitely check out the other groups you mentioned (already joined BMTR) really appreciate this insight! :biking_woman:

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Thanks! Will definitely check these out.

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Just joined BMTR, and followed on Strava for my outdoor gravel rides, thank you!

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Here’s a link to BMTR club on Zwift. Joining will make it easy to find out group rides.
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