Event Problems on Ascenders Team Social Thursday Ride

Our Ascenders Team Social Thursday (https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1123068) was bugged by several issues concurrently:

  1. Rider List was gone. We could only see our own names and no one else throughout the entire event.
  2. Event Culling did not work as we were able to see non-event riders.
  3. We had a feedback by one rider that he joined the D ride but after a few km his dog wanted out so he had to stop ride for a few minutes. When he tried to late join it kept insisting on putting him in the C category ride. Any ideas why it would not let him rejoin to the D category?
  4. My ride was not captured under my profile in Zwiftpower event though I finished the event.

Hope ZHQ can help us check what happened especially problems 1 and 2 have been going on for months.