Event not starting when in Watopia

I signed up for an event on the app and when I went into Zwift it was marked as going. The event was in Yorkshire but the available world’s were watopia and innsbruck. I chose watopia but it never reminded me of the event or ga e me the option to go to the event. About 3 mins before I logged off and on again, chose innsbruck and then it worked fine???

Probably a login bug of some sort. I did an event this morning, warmup in Watopia, event was indicated correctly bottom left from the start, and auto-start worked normally. I assume yuo did not have the reminder at all, including the countdown timer?

That’s right, it didn’t remind me at all even though I selected 15 mins as the reminder.

I wouldn’t even know how to select that reminder - it’s always there when I start my warmup, probably because I’m always late. Anyway - it’s not Watopia that’s broken.

I run into this for a lot of events too. I’ve found that if I log out and log back in, the Join Event button shows up the second time. Not ideal, but I’ve never missed an event because of it.