Errors in entering date of birth on personal profile

I just started Zwifting a couple days ago. As I was just getting used to the remote (Apple TV 4K), I inadvertently swiped incorrectly and entered my date of birth as “December 31, 2017”. Now, as I tell my kids, “I may be young, but I wasn’t born yesterday.” Imagine my surprise when I was told that I couldn’t change my profile and would need to have support do that! I was subsequently informed by support that this is done to prevent cheating (lying about ones age to dominate races, under false pretense). Wow! People actually do this??? At any rate, I asked support if they could allow a one month grace period to change ones date of birth, to account for people like me, who might swipe the remote incorrectly. They liked the idea and passed it on, but asked me to encourage others from the forum community to weigh in, as it might encourage the change of policy more quickly

That sounds like a reasonable request to me! I’m not sure it would need to be a month-long period, but some amount of correction time for a whoops swipe would be good. I now run things through an AppleTV, which I love in some ways, but the remote is terrible and selection and “swipeability” or “clickability” are iffy at best. Oh, hi Arndt! I just noticed that this post is from you too. I just replied to your other post about the FTP test, so I would bet you have the Apple TV problem too :roll_eyes:. Hopefully Apple will improve that someday.

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I absolutely agree. I am just joining Zwift and already I’m having to contact user support - that’s not a good thing.

I went to set up my account using the iPhone companion app and, because I didn’t touch exactly the right spot, the field got set and now is locked to December 31, 2017.

If you’re going to have a field on a screen that will not allow changes after you set it without contacting support, you need to provide an ‘OK’ or ‘Confirm’ functionality to make sure it is what the user wants before setting the value permanently and then locking them out.

This is EXTREMELY poor user interface design.


Exactly the same thing happened to me on the companion app today and the same date - it is an error with the app obviously.

I have emailed support as I am not 3 years old (except mentally!)

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I’m 120!

If Zwift let me use an Fijian flag, I’d be the oldest highest ZP ranked Zwifter in Fiji’s history :rofl:

Would agree - the date pick in the iOS app doesn’t work properly - so guess what ended up as 2 year old and contact to support in the first two minutes. This is crazy and even a simple “save changes” would save a tonne of pain.

So far marks out 10 for UI = 2 will see how long it takes for support to respond …

Same issue here and I have not been able to get any kind of response from customer support. Has anyone had any luck getting this problem fixed?

Same Date of Birth error here and same date 31st Dec 2017. Def a bug in the software. Have come reacted support. Strange thing is I don’t recall being asked for Date of birth only if I was happy for Zwift to use data from Apple health and I didn’t tick date of birth. Hope fully get sorted as not sure if this will affect any predictive metrics.

Luck (to be proven) of the draw really Birthdate is set to 12/19/2017

I found this thread and thought I would pile on. Contacted support via email as I feel dishonest blowing past all the other 2 year olds when I am, in fact, in middle age and have been biking for years. It feels good, of course - it is nice to finally rise to the top of “my” age group - but not honest.

Please don’t make me feel like a bad person, Zwift. Help me get my date of birth updated.

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Well said! This isn’t fixed yet?!!! Why not set it up so that one has to approve the date entered?

I’ll add to this thread as I am having this issue too. Again, I don’t remember entering my DoB when I registered. It seems to have been automatically entered as 31st Dec 2017.

I would prefer not to have my DoB at all unless it’s strictly necessary for estimating training data based on heart rate zones etc…

same with me im 3 years old going on 52…

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Same problem and so HELPLESS.

Hi guys came across this thread trying to update my birthdate, same drama as everyone here.

Just got this rectified in 2mins…

Go to the Zwift support page or just google change Zwift birthdate and follow the links (sorry can’t include links on this forum…)

Click “reach out” highlighted in orange.

Click “something else”

Type the word “birthdate” and search. (Not birthday)

When asked if this answer was helpful click “no”

Then there will be an option to “contact support” click that.

Use the “message” function and a live chats will open.

Answer the generic questions then a REAL person will join the chat.

Legit 5 minutes, hope this helps :blush:🚴🏼‍♂