Birthdate is set to 12/19/2017

How do I change the birthdate to be correct?

You will have to contact Zwift Support to have that changed.

“ After initially entering your Date of Birth and Gender, you’ll need to reach out to us to make any updates to those fields.” - Zwift

Hi @Casey_McGarr welcome to zwift forums.

Please reach us at

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@shooj perhaps you should also talk to the people in this thread Errors in entering date of birth on personal profile

EDIT - FYI, you folks have ignored 2 requests to change mine so far. Given up - happy being 120.


Our agents will get to your ticket, and we ask for your patience. Our email queue is first in, first out. so if you keep sending emails before you get a reply - you go to the back of the line. Please allow my colleagues some time to assist you.

I logged the tickets/emails 12 months apart over 18 months ago - I’ll give them a few more years before I get concerned.