Error trying to view Ride ons given list on website

The website produces an error when trying to view the list of Ride Ons given for your rides.

From the activity feed if you click on one of your own rides (JUST ME) you see the detail for that ride.

When you click on the Ride On Count badge you should get the list of Zwifters who gave you a Ride On. Instead the following error page comes up.


Clicking on the list of Zwifters you rode with works.

When trying to contact support about this error, a couple of weeks ago, I was placed in contact with a couple of Ambassadors - one of which said he had forwarded this to support. I have not heard back.

Interesting. When I read your solution I thought the import would apply to more browser pages than just the one the console window is opened on. Boy was I wrong. Kudos for figuring that out though. I hope that doesn’t become the official workaround :rofl:

Did you get this problem fixed?

Mine has been like this for over two months.

No. Hasn’t been fixed yet. Nor have I received a reply from Zwift about its status.

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Mine started working again yesterday

So I received an email, not too long after your post, from Zwift Support asking me to “Please let us know if you were able to resolve the issues or if our team can support you further. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Which was funny, since I had contacted Support and was expecting them to resolve the issue :thinking: I didn’t realize I was supposed to try and resolve it too :rofl:

I confirmed that it was working and Zwift Support later confirmed that they had applied a fix and that it wasn’t magic :mage:

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