Error code 115

“Zwift failed to download a required file and will close. (…) Error code 115 in file /Patcher.cpp at Line 564.” When I open Zwift I get this message and Zwift stops automatically.

Can somebody help me with this problem? I re-installed it already a few times but that doesn’t help me.


Rear through this thread:

Clear my browser history doesn’t help …

When you uninstall Zwift and re-install use the steps in this link:

Also, make sure you restart your modem and router.

What is the speed of your internet?

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I just followed all the steps (deleted all the maps named Zwift etc.) but still has the same problem. I restarted also my modem and router and have 63 mbs speed.

Problem solved! Issue with internet provider. Needed to a click button to confirm something because I reached 90% of my download capacity. Thanks for the quick help!

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