ERG resistance failing >90 RPM

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue: over the past 2 weeks I observed that in training sessions, once I increase RPM above 90, the ERG resistance does not adjust to the intended Watt. so, e.g., when there are primers after warm-up, where you should increase RPM to 105 and e.g. 250 Watt, once I speed up the Watt value actually decreases and resistence is gone. even in longer intervals with higher RPM the Watt remain appr. 30 below target value. Any ideas how to resolve this? I have tried calibrating multiple times, no improvement. I use an Elite Diretto XR.

I know some trainers have a bandwith for watts in a certain gear. Try doing ERG mode workouts in a different gear and see if that helps.

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