Erg mode?

Ive been taking part in alot of cycling training events. I wondered if and when i should be using erg mode? I also wondered if anyone had an explanation for the bias and how that works

Only during a workout.


ERG is only used during workouts, and it’s optional.
ERG sets a resistance regardless of cadence.
If the workout segment is set for 60 seconds at 200W, your trainer will provide 200W of resistance at 60 RPM or 120 RPM.
If you do the workout in resistance mode, you will have to find the correct gear/cadence combo to achieve 200W.
I feel that in ERG mode the trainer pushes against you, in resistance mode you push against the trainer.
I find ERG mode more difficult, there is nowhere to hide, you can’t back off for a second, and if you use a small gear (small front chain ring, larger rear cog) you don’t get the flywheel effect.

The FTP bias slider changes the resistance level.
Workout intervals are defined by a % of your FTP.
If an interval is too difficult, you can bias down to lower the wattage, or if you find it too easy you can up it to increase the wattage.

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IMO it is best to do workouts with ERG mode turned off. It is more difficult this way to hit your power targets, but more closely resembles riding/training IRL.