ERG mode test at pairing prompt

When I pair my devices, can’t there be an ERG-mode test to see if the trainer works as a controllable?
It would save a lot of frustration from finding it out after starting a workout.

Hi @Mika_Alen

If you are in the paring screen you will see the controllable option option, if that is paired then you will be able to use ERG.

You can turn ERG on and off from the companion app or the onscreen menu.

I did see the controllable and it was set on my trainer as were power, cadence and my fenix6 for heart rate.
All of them were blue to indicate that they were connected and still no ERG.
After unpairing and re-pairing the day after the controllable and ERG was on again and it showed on the companion app.

Well it seems like I’m going to have to re-pair the controllable before any workout in the future, no big deal.