ERG mode failure on Tacx Neo

I’m having an issue when using ERG mode with my Tacx Neo. The ride starts fine for the ramp up in power from warm up, to a slightly higher power, into the interval. However, when it comes to the recovery period after the interval, it doesn’t lower power, and instead holds the exact power recorded right as you hit the transition point. You can continue to ride, but it holds that exact power. In fact, you can get off the trainer and it will keep the rider going in Zwift indefinitely, although I let it do that only long enough to get to the computer and end the ride and restart it. It did it three times today when I restarted everything three times, until I gave up and did a free ride, which it does just fine. However, concurrent to this, it has begun intermittently dropping the connection for about 5 seconds. Happened during a race a day or two ago and ruined it, and happened the last few rides, including when it also froze the power during ERG mode.

Any ideas?

Macbook currently running 10.11.6. Fully up to date iPhone 7 Plus running up to date Companion. I connect things via Companion to the MacBook (using the setting gear at the top right of the pairing screen to choose the second option - the first option has never worked with the Mac’s built-in Bluetooth).

This setup has honestly been rock solid for two seasons now. Never any drops, never any issues. Last few days though there are drops and now the ERG mode freezing. Had done two weeks of ERG mode workouts prior to today with no freezing issue, but the short connection drops started 2-3 days ago.

I did some testing the last couple days:

A free ride for 1.5 hours was largely ok, but had one brief drop (maybe 5-10 seconds).

An ERG mode workout yesterday had one brief drop where everything cut out. After around 5-10 seconds everything got going again and the ERG mode readjusted to the proper power without ever any freezing issues.

Did a 2 hour ERG mode workout today and had 3 drops. The first two everything reconnected ok after around 5 and then 15 seconds respectively, and ERG readjusted without issue. The third time it dropped it dropped for good. After about 30 seconds I force quit and restarted the Companion. It eventually reconnected everything, but ERG mode got frozen at 1w under the target wattage for the interval when it re-engaged. It then stayed there whether I pedaled or not. I force quit Companion a second time and it did that again, so I just quit the workout.

Can I get some input on this? It’s somewhat rideable, but workouts are a crapshoot and racing is impossible. Not sure what to do.

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Hey Eric, have you had any drastic changes in your setup? It sounds like your trainer is not feeding correct information to Zwift.
Edit: I see you’ve sent in a support ticket, we’re addressing it on the support side. Thanks for being patient with us!

I am seeing similar behavior with Tacx Neo 2 - on work out I run repetitive intervals at say 250W for 5 mins and come back to 170 for two mins … most of the time it works fine. But perhaps 1:20 times I am seeing issues.

However, sometimes on the transition back to 170W the resistance doenst ease off; if anything it gets harder.

Sometimes this will recover - I try back peddling or allow the power to go to and sit at zero for perhaps 60 seconds and then start again. Zwift will then give a message ‘starting ERG mode’ or someting like that.

I am running latest version of FW on the Tacx 2 (updated yesterday after experiencing a problem in the hope that this would resolve the issues) and it happened to me again this morning.

Could not recover back to a working ERG mode and effectively ruined the workout I had planned.

I am running Zwift on Windows 10 PC.