ERG Mode Elite direto Workout

I have the latest iPad with the software all upto date and a Elite Direto, The ERG mode has stopped working for the workouts. I can see the ERG button but turning it on or off does nothing.

I have tried with both ANT+ and Bluetooth. I have also spoken to Elite and done a test with them and they say everything is working fine on the trainer.

It just wont change the Wattage inline with the workout. In all other modes the resistance changes inline with the terrain etc.

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Exactly the same for me today with the ios app on the Apple tv. I’ve read that turning the trainer on and off may work… not that I want to be doing that.

I have tried turning it off and on but nothing has changed

I have the same problem and understand it is a known issue with the direto when paired with Bluetooth. The only fix for now is to unplug it for a few minutes then try again, but hopefully elite will provide a firmware update to resolve this in the future.