Enable the option to diplay 24h Mode in Events list

Hello, my name is Patrick and I’m coming from Germany, I know Zwift is an US based Company and you’re using a 12 hour clock System (I’d never understood why, by the way), while the rest is using 24h. So my suggestion would be, instead of only presenting 12h with AM and PM, what confused me today, give the Option to display 24h mode. What would be impossible to missunderstand.

My example of todays morning:

I wanted to participate in the Tour de Zwift - Elite Stage 2 what was displayed at 7:30. So my alarm gone of at 4:30 in the morning, to eat, to prepare, to check the system.

After logging into Zwift, I couldn’t find the event and get a little bit nervous. So I tried to find out why it was not on display, and there was the mistake. 7:30 PM… and the EF-Drapac Ride, I was planned to do after, not at 9:00 o’clock, no, 9:30PM… that was very frustrating this morning.

So maybe, you listen to me, I would be very very happy!
Thanks and continue with your great work. Have a nice day and best wishes from Germany.



I from the US and use 24 hour clock all time.  I set everything I can to it.  it is certainly much easier to use than 12 hour clock.  However, I was in the military that made it much easier for me.  I like your idea