Ellipticals due to knee issue

Hi Guys,

I have been cycling on Zwift for sometimes now. I always wanted to try running but due to my past surgery I don’t think I can really “run” without possibly causing some damage on the knee. I was wondering if the Styrd can work with an elliptical and allows me to run on zwift. In the end, I guess the motion are all ver similar?

Thanks guys.

A few people have tried using ellipticals but without much luck. You could use one of the apps available for iOS or Android to send your pace to the game.

Steven, I have the same issue with running and knee pain. I had the same idea with my elliptical. Tried 2 or 3 times, it is a no go, it does not work.

It is not an eliptical as such but I have successfully run on an Octane Zero Runner on Zwift both to a PC with Ant+ dongle direct or iPad with a work around.

Octane support were helpful getting me running on this, whether other units of theirs will work I wouldn’t know. Footpods like the Stryd or Milestone/Zwift don’t work as they don’t register any footstrike on an eliptical.

It requires a bit of a work around for BT as the Zero runner only outputs an Ant+ signal so have to use a repeater like the CABLE (see Shane Millars- GPLama YT video on it here https://youtu.be/KcLjXYrtZFQ).
It is available worldwide.


Might be possible to run even with knee issues. I had them twice and started using those bands, walking around with them 30 minutes a day. It made the other muscle groups in my legs stronger and haven’t had knee problems since then.

I have used my Polar Footpod with zwift using an elltiptical. It’s works but it records pace at 3.7 to 4.1 mph. I ran for 30 minutes and zwift recorded 1.86 miles and my fitbit recorded 2.23 so a little off but I was still able to cruise around Watopia

You could try this:

I do zwift on my iphone will the app still work?

if you’re technical this may work…