Elite Volare virtual power

I’m new to Zwift and I am using an Elite Volare Mag speed ‘dumb trainer’ with a Garmin 2 speed sensor.
The trainer is on Zwifts list of supported trainers and I have set the resistance to level 3.
However I find that the virtual power appears to be low. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Hi David

Welcome to the forums.

I had a look at your last ride and something seem a bit strange the power number get stuck in straight lines for some time and that is not right.


I assume the speed sensor is on the rear wheel hub and not moving around.

What device are you using to run Zwift?

Hi Gerrie,
Thanks for your response.
I agree, the Power data does look wrong.
My speed sensor is firmly attached to the rear hub.
I am using an android phone (Samsung Galaxy) to run Zwift.

Do you have a bike computer that you can compare?

My bike computer doesn’t compute power.

What is your wheel size, the speed sensor i used to have, when connected to zwift, required a wheel size, and if you used the wrong size, its either too slow, or too fast, but…that doesn’t give a reason for your data looking like that. How long have you used the sensor?


when using the bike computer do you also see the speed getting stuck at certain points. It seem like the sensor does not measure accurately and keep sending data while it tries to take another measurement.

Yes, I was thinking along those lines. I haven’t used a speed sensor in a few years, but if I remember right, one of them did that a bit when they got older.

The speed sensor I am using is 6 months old. The wheel size is set to the correct size in Zwift. When I ride the speed and power values rise and fall as I pedal faster or slower.

Have you changed the battery since you got it?

I have changed the battery.
The sensor flashes green for 5 seconds after it has woken up, indicating that the battery is good.

Seems to be an internet connection issue.