Elite Qubo Power Smart B+ Trainer Setup - HELP!!

I have the Elite Qubo Power Smart B+ Trainer with Misuro B+ sensor.  I am having trouble setting it up so that it registers the watts and cadence.  In most cases its shows watts off the charts (over 2,000!) and no cadence.  What is the right combination in setting up this trainer.   I also have an extension from my laptop to put the ANT dongle right next the Misuro sensor.  Any help is appreciated.

You have the wrong number of “blinks” on your misuro sensor. In the manual it should be listed different trainers, from Qubo to Muin, and what number of blinks the sensor should have.

You correct the number of blinks on your sensor by opening it, and there’s a little button inside. Press once and your get 1 blink, press it again and you get 2 blinks and so on. Keep doing this till you get the correct number of blinks, then you’re good to go.