Elevation compensation based on trainer difficulty

Are the elevation stats compensated by trainer difficulty?  Since the trainer difficulty is 50% by default, will a 100m climb be reported as 50m?  For those of us with smart trainers, it would seem reflective of the work actually done.

The difficulty slider has nothing to do with the amount of watts being put out or reported to Zwift, it just means they will need to be in a different gear to put out the same watts if it were set to 100%.

The difficulty slider, for those with smart trainers, affects the trainer resistance.  I’ve bumped mine up to be more reflective of real climbing, because despite down shifting to account for that resistance change, I still feel the challenge and increase my wattage, like I would a real hill.  I realize there is no way to do this apples to apples for everyone, but it seems kind of silly to me if someone bumps that slider to 0% is reported to have gained the same elevation as someone who has it set to 100% if they ride the same course.

It’s still watts and dropping the slider down does not assist the person in making it up the hill and faster or any easier. Yes, the slider increases the resistance, but if you are putting out 250 watts with the slider at 75% and another person puts out 250 watts with the slider at 50% it’s still the same watts just a different gear. It’s the same amount of work being done over time, it’s just being done in different ways.

Good point, dumb question.


Not a dumb question, just a misunderstanding on what the slider does.