Either a "auto draft" or a rejoin for group rides

Hi There,

One function that would be amazing to have incorporated is either you have say a 2 minute “auto-draft” or something where you can stay right behind the group ride leader (say 2 min total max) or a rejoin function to a group event.

I’m coming back from a injury (as quite a lot of folks out here) so sometimes when I am in a group ride, I really need to stop to rearrange my gear to make it more comfortable (for me it’s my foot insoles in my shoes). I imagine this feature would come in handy for either stretching something out quickly, or a bathroom break on those long endurance rides. Otherwise you stop, and get dropped, and have to exit the ride as you can’t ever hope to catch up again.

I get this feature wouldn’t work for races, but it would be amazing for the sub 2.0 or 2.5 group rides. 


Hmm…we’re working on allowing you to join a non-race event late so that could be a handy workaround. You could quit the event and then rejoin.