Eating disorders warnings

There are many science articles about eating disorders corelated with cycling. Many Pro Tour cyclist have problems with diet, and in my opinion, problem is bigger with amatour cyclists riding with virtual platforms, like Zwift. It is good time to implement some in game measures informing cyclist about eating disorders. It should be some warnings corelated with changing weight of riders below some low BMI numbers, and maybe some limits for weight/height ratio correlated with BMI.

Yeah and maybe they can tell us about the dangers of smoking and how important sunscreen is too!


… Funny. But there are many riders, who does not know,ho dangerous is eating disorders

It’s ok to say : stay hydrated and eat on those long rides but i think it’s not for Zwift to implement any kind of warning in-game. I don’t think that BMI is a good metric. There’re big ppl with high BMI but it doesn’t Mean that they’ve a disorder. I’m thinking towards those gym boys or to stay cycling related, a track cyclist would have to high BMI. I don’t think that that person has a disorder. :thinking:


Huge kudos to you.

You raised an issue that Zwift and other should have engaged on then and should now.

Had they done so then people, including children, would not have suffered harm

Just google Zwift Insider Eating Disorder

This is not Zwift’s problem.
Should they be warning us to lube our chains regularly too?
To wear our seatbelts?
Just because a business builds a large user base, doesn’t imply they need to make their platform a communication tool for everyone’s lack of ability to conduct their own lives safely.

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They do tell us to lube the chain, on the world loading screens! They also tell us that rest days are important and to turn on our fans now

Yes but most importantly they tell us to ride on …


I think a minimum BMI might be a good idea. So there’s no benefit to lowering your weight below a certain point.