Duration based running workouts

(frank Andreasen.VTri[DBR](D)) #1

Hi i am using Zwift for Triathlon training and syncs my training plan from Trainingpeaks to zwift which works perfect,however my run workouts that is included in my trainingplan is duration based (all run workouts are) and Zwift only recognice distance based workouts ??? this is a pain because i then have to recreate all running workouts to use them in Zwift :frowning:
why not make running duration based as well ??
shouldnt be a problem to use both types


(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the suggestion! It would be interesting to see run training plans be duration based. Zwift Run is in beta after all so there are still a lot of potential changes. I’ll log this and send it over to the developers. :slight_smile: