DT Swiss Arc 62 - how do you get it?

I’ve read in a number of articles that the DT Swiss Arc 62 is a great early wheel upgrade, but I cannot see it in the store. I’m level 13. I only see the two DT Swiss dicut wheels in the Zwift store and according to ZwiftInsider charts the dicut 62 is a different wheel than the Arc 62 (with the dicut showing faster flat but slower ascent). Am I missing something?

There are only two DT Swiss wheelsets. Buy the cheaper one. The number of drops needed should confirm it’s the correct one.

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Have you got enough drops to purchase them? You need to be level 6, or above, and they cost 186,000 drops (see: Zwift Shopping Guide: What To Buy At Each Level | Zwift Insider).

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They’re the ones shown as ‘Owned’ in this screenshot (my own garage).

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I think all that you are missing is that the ‘faster flat but slower ascent’ item is the disc version of the wheelset.

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OK. I think I see now. The zwiftinsider calls them both 62, but in Zwift itself, there is no “62” in the disc version name. So a little bit off either at Zwift or Zwiftinsider in the naming, but the key is one is disc and one isn’t.


Thoughts on 808 vs these 62s? I saved up my drops and rode all week to get to the 808s, but the 62s look better balanced, TBH.

This website will help you understand the performance difference between different wheels and frames for your route and level and drops budget


The DT Swiss 62 wheels are some of the best climbing wheels in the game, and are pretty good on flat terrain as well. The 808s are a little faster on flat terrain, but the difference isn’t huge.

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I have these wheels, but I think then the ZI article is incorrect as I bought these wheels when I was only somewhere in the neighborhood of level 20 (not 40+ shown at ht tps://zwiftinsider.com/climbing-wheels/ ?
That is, if the game ARC1100 Dicut62 are the same ones shown below

They are indeed level 40 locked for new users, used to be level 6 before re-jigging in last month or so.

Zwift Shopping Guide: What To Buy from the Drop Shop at Each Level | Zwift Insider (think this article by Eric now accounts for further tweaks made in 1.56 update last week, for example Felt AR is now level 23 rather than 16).

Zipp 808 wheels have moved from level 13 to 25 and many other tweaks that leave previous popular early buys needling level 20+.
A rare positive tweak is the Scott Addict is now level 17, best all-rounder currently in the drop shop.

The re-jigging of level unlocks for decent frames and wheels, nevermind the best, leaves new subscribers at a significant disadvantage in races.

More than ever we need race admins to allocate fixed frames and wheels to all race/TT events, while letting subscribers use their “fancy” equipment outside of competitive events.

Thanks, that explains it. And I just read that the Canyon Aeroad is now gone from the dropshop which used to be a relative bargain and accessible somewhat early on in the levels.

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With help from https://zwifterbikes.web.app/ , I’ve just seen that the Aeroad is still there, but now level 27 unlock (was 10 iirc).

It is probably to encourage them to do more riding to level up more, also to do more drop shop buying.

Previously it had been but one or two key items then leave everything else.

You still get people who use a bot to quickly gain the tron bike and then use nothing else.

I believe the original Canyon Aeroad is removed from the drop shop but new one is still there. I would have liked to buy the original one just to have it.