Drops or XP for winning races?

It would be cool if we were awarded drops or XP for placing well in races. Maybe top 10 would win something, not just top 3. I’m not suggesting that we would be awarded much. Heck, even 100 XP or 100 drops for 1st place would provide some fun motivation. It would cost Zwift nothing (other than some programming) to provide these little awards, but it would add a fun and motivational bonus to races. I suppose Drops would be better than XP since XP is useless once you get to lvl 50. Thanks.

No way, not until they fix the categories

We don’t need to incentivize A racers to beat on D racers


At first glance I thought this was a good idea. But you bring up a really good point!

Agreed, sandbagging would be WAY worse and it is already extremely terrible!

What if you only get the XP or drops if you’re within the category power limits, but LOSE XP and/or drops if you’re above the power limits?

Now that’s an interesting idea and would probably have a faster impact on sandbagging. But then again how would that work for someone who is typically let’s say Cat C but has a great race and good form and puts out Cat B levels for the first time? Just food for thought.

Then again all these ideas of how to correct sandbagging could go away if Zwift got away from artificial categories based on w/kg and just went to a points system like IRL.

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Now ZHQ antisandbagging is working a little, could be the moment for do this?
XP + drops as some reward for good results in races?