Dropping Robo Pacers at intersections

I find it difficult to stay with the Robo Pacers group so quite often I get hit with the “catch up” message either at the front or at the back.
The issue is that if that happens at intersections, I lose contact with with the robo pacers while at the intersection (I lose the robo pacer name and the yellow progress bar altogether). If that happens while I am trying to catch up with the robo pacer, when the intersection ends I often get ‘kicked out’ of the robo pacer’s group, having my bonus reset to 1. I instantly get the message to join the robo pacer group and it starts counting for the bonus multiplier.

If I am within the robo pacer’s range before the intersection, when it ends, it also happens to get the “catch up” notification. Even for a second or so.

I join the Robo Pacer from the launcher menu and I ride their route.

P.S. How long is the safe zone and how long can I stay out of it before getting kicked out?

Usually the zone to be with them is fairly decent sized. But if you have a very big group of 200 that might influence things more if you are at the back.

If you have steering ability you can try to steer to the inside of the corner to “cut” the distance a bit.

@James_Zwift I have lost drops multiplier several times over the last few days I’m still within the Pacer’s allowable distance however if there is a gradual turn for example I loose drops multiplier which resets to 1.0x. This has happened with Genie on Tempus Fugit and Watopia’s Waistband and 100% confirm I was within 10m.

I managed to consistently reproduce the issue.
Stay within the robo pacer ‘safe’ distance but outside the distance at which the robo pacer ‘picks you’ in their group.
At most (half?) the intersections the robo pacer is being dropped and then re-acquired if you’re close. But if you are in the middle ground, you don’t re-acquire the robo pacer and your progress is being reset to 0. In the attached 3 screenshots, taken within 8 seconds, you can clearly see that I am within the D.Bernie range and 1.4 multiplier (no ‘catch up’ message), at the intersection the robo pacer is ‘temporarily dropped’ and then not re-attached at the end of the intersection, where I get the message to join the robo pacer again, and my progress is reset to 0

Here are screenshots with the robo pacer in range but no yellow progress bar with their name.
This happens at the intersections where the routes split and you have a choice to turn left or right.
I am always following the robo pacer and their route. I have selected the robo pacer from the main menu and never change course.