Sprint during pacer section

Wish game could do a better job of keeping me with my pacer during short sprints. Riding with green 3.2 pacer, do 150m sprint as marked, disconnected from pacer and also loose 2.5 drops multiplier

I Can’t slow fast enough to prevent this even braking hard

Please allow a gap from pacer for sprint segments

Apple TV, Tacx smart bike

The better option is dropping off the back as the segment is coming up and then catching the group on the sprint.

The pacer bots were definitely not designed for this sort of activity and I wouldn’t envisage any functionality changes because you want to sprint (which I get, but even so).

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If you drop off the back you’ll still lose the multiplier for drops, but you won’t zoom too far ahead.

Other alternative would be to join Constance group on Tempus and try to attack the sprint section there, why not try that? You won’t drop that group as easily. :wink:

If you can sprint away from Jacques group then Constance shouldn’t be too much harder, you just have to be careful not to leave gaps.

Unless you’re very new to Zwift, the drops multiplier is functionally meaningless. The last time I wanted to buy something from the shop but was unable to afford it was within a couple of months of joining Zwift. Unless you are a spendthrift and buy up everything so that you can have a nastily-cluttered garage, you’ll find that you earn more drops than you want to spend, even without the multiplied rate. Also, since the multiplier drops to 1x after each cycle anyway, you’re not missing out as much as you may think by losing contact with the pacers.

I doesn’t do this any more. It stays at ×2.5 until your legs fall off.

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Aha! Shows how often I ride with the Pacers! Still, my other point stands.

Indeed it does :+1: