Dropouts every 5 minutes

Using Zwift on Apple Tv with Kickr Snap and Garmin Vector 3s. Lately I have getting a lot of dropouts during rides. Today it was at least every 5 minutes. It seem that it is the Garmin pedals that is losing connection. Any advice?

This might be your problem:


Check for outside interference. I get dropouts when the microwave is on, stuff like that.

Also make that that the battery in your PM is: 1 - good and 2 - making complete contact with the unit. sometimes bad contact can hold blame.

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Maybe a new battery cover will do the trick :crossed_fingers:

There is no other interference. Took the battery out and put it back in. Going for a ride soon. Hopefully that is enough.

Your WiFi, your neighbor’s WiFi, or other activity in the radio spectrum, such as a microwave oven, can interfere with Bluetooth.

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