Draft Effect Indicator

I have a feature suggestion , and that is to add a measure of draft effect.

After riding for a few months and reading posts , I gather drafting effect is not clear On/Off.

Ones draft bonus can be attributed to a few things.
This new feature is not critical to operational status , but could be a fun stat to monitor and play around with.
Thanks, Susan

Hi @_Suzano.W, welcome to the forums.

Check out “Sauce for Zwift”, a 3rd party add on that shows your draft savings and much more.

@Mike_Rowe1 the main issue is that this is something Zwift should do themselves. Not ask customers who already pay Zwift a monthly fee to pay another fee for an add-on 3rd-party product that visualizes data Zwift has and uses but fails to incorporate into its HUD like customers have asked for forever.


oh I agree… but we all know that waiting for Zwift to implement something we’ve been asking for is a fools errand


I suggested something like this in October 2018…

Sauce currently costs £2 per month?

If Zwift spent a fraction of dev time to do their own version of Sauce, they could then justify a price increase of £2 a month (a price increase is coming, make no bones about it) and increase their income by 13%* and give (some) customers their wanted new HUD and take some of the sting out of the price rise

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