Downgraded to B?

Hey guys. Can anyone tell me how the Zwift 90 days system works? I snuck into A grade a few months ago by hitting a one off 5.2 5 min power (and with Zwift changing the metrics for MAP) was upgraded.

Fitness changes a lot in over 3 months, and I’m nowhere near that level. Question is… why am I still a A rider?

Chur :call_me_hand:t4:

Your 5.2 five min effort of 20/4 drops out after 90 days (yesterday/today or tomorrow ?)

You might want to check out your profile ‘Fitness Metrics’ on and see what your zMAP is. Is it still around 380 or has it dropped.

What is the 5 min watts figure being shown? Is it much less than 380. If it is do any group ride you like which records on ZwiftPower and see if that then forces a recalculation of your race/pace category and takes you down below A Cat.

Looks to have downgraded me to B now….

Maybe this post has prompted Mr Zwift to make the change behind the scenes.

Thanks :pray:t4:

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Interesting, you are still showing as A Cat on ZwiftPower. I wonder when that will change and what forces the change.

I think it has been said before(possibly by James) that what says is your category dictates what race category you can enter not what ZwiftPower says - although I think, in the perfect world, both should agree.

Showing as B on zwiftpower too, probably just takes longer to update

Zwiftpower updates automatically when you next start an event.