Does changing challenge preserve momentum? (climbing Everest)

(Gavin Williams) #1

Hi All,
I’ve seen some comments on this but nothing definitive…
I’ve done the Everest challenge and now I’m continuing to climb to get the TRON bike. If I change challenges, will I lose all the progress I have made, or can I go do another challenge and come back to it?

If so, What happens to the metres I climb while doing another challenge… do they only apply if I’m climbing while doing the challenge?

thanks all,


(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

You can change from the Everest challenge to one of the other challenges without losing your progress in the Everest challenge. You can come back to the Everest challenge any time you like and pick up where you left off. Even after you achieve the Everest elevation and begin making progress toward the tron bike. Elevation gained while doing one of the other challenges will not count toward the Everest challenge, but you won’t lose your Everest progress.

(Ben) #3

Was about to aks the same.
Man, if I knew about that, all Climb metres from the Wahoo Mission could have gone to the Everest Challenge too and I would have the Trek Emonda already. But I thought I’d loose all my km from the California Challenge. :triumph:
Well, now it’s too late, and I’ll finish California Challenge within this year, if nothing goes south.