Do training plans change after you've started them?

Hey guys.

I started the ‘build me up’ training plan and phase one had three slots, two 30 minute rides and an hour-long one. However, it now had four, with an additional 1h30m ride put in the middle.

With these being timeboxed, I’m trying to plan them into my calendar around work etc. but with them changing it’s hard to. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?


Okay I’ve finally just seen it skipped week 0 and went straight to week 1 which is why it’s different. I can’t see where to delete this.

I’m trying to start the same things. It’s giving me 7 hours to do the first 3 sessions of prep week, then the first session of week one starts - seems a bit odd.

I signed up early this morning 00:05 and it said I had to do all 3 in 2 hours, hence tried later thinking it was a time zone issue.

I don’t get it.

I thought it was maybe a weekly thing