Do SOME of the bikes prevent getting high watts?

I was watching my brother Zwift and he hit 800 watts but he pushed it even harder but he couldn’t go any higher. :thinking: I know he could’ve hit higher then 800 watts… Weird tho! Is it because of the bike he was using? I slightly remember he was using a specialized bike. Any ideas? I’d appreciate it! :blush:



What kind of trainer is he using?



He uses a FELT tri bike on it.

The type of bike is only limited by gearing and if it is fitted. More or less the type of bike used means little unless it does not have enough gears or is not fitted to the user.

This is assuming calibration is done correctly.

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Does @Liz_J mean Zwift bike or the real bike that is on the trainer?
I read that some trainers limit %grade and I thought I read that some also limit watts.
Do Zwift bikes have any limits built into their profile?


All trainers have a maximum output, I think the kickr core is 1800 watts or something like that.


I mean that’s the bike he uses ON the trainer. Sorry I wasn’t that clear.

Okay so he should be able to hit higher then 800? If it’s not the trainer he uses the TT bike most of the time. So either it’s the bike or the trainer right? Or is it just him? :sweat_smile:

I would put the limiting factor on the human, not the machine


Okay, that makes sense… I’ll hv to tell that to my brother tho… he thinks it’s the dumb trainer lol