Do I move up categories automatically or should I manually move up?

I’m category D, ~2.5watt/kg. I started out at 1.3watt/kg but over the last few months have improved my performance. The last few races I’ve been podiuming consistently.

Is the Zwift norm that I just hang out in D until Zwift moves me or should I just start joining C races?

Happy to do whatever I just was wondering what the norm was.

zwift will move you up if necessary, but you can always race up a category if you want to

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Racing up a category here and there can be a huge fitness boost, as it will push you beyond your limits.

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Unless you are willing to tow your competitors around, it’s difficult to break through to the next category without signing up for higher category races. Otherwise you are just matching your opponent’s D level effort. It’s part of the reason there’s a logjam of people at the category upper boundaries. Of course some people are managing their rating to be able to win. But it’s also why Zwift should set different category boundaries in some races.