Do I also get a T Rex?

maybe the new flat route will take us through Dinosaur National Monument on the border of Utah and Colorado?

It look like a Diplodocus. I hope they stay of the roads, I don’t want to dodge dinosaur potholes.

Or dinosaur droppings!

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That will make the Flat route “not so Flat”

They haven’t said yet if you will need to be at a certain level to ride this course. If the entrance is from the road leading to the jungle, then it will only be open to all that do stage 5 of the ToW.
Then stage 6 has a new Yeti feature? Don’t know if this is a real feature like the spinning wheel at the top or just decoration.

The Yeti has been on the Alpe from the start, he’s just rarely seen. In 15 attempts I’ve only seen him once, granted I’m usually pretty focused and might’ve missed a few other times. There is one arrangement of dead looking trees at one point that from a distance looks like it could be him to trick you.

I think they’re going to make the odds of seeing him more likely during the stage of the tour.